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Hopefully Not Heresy is a podcast led by two college students to help other college students understand the teachings of the Catholic Church.  From debunking to clarifying misunderstandings, we certainly aren’t theologians but hope to share a thing or two on Catholic theology. 
Learning the church’s teachings on a variety of topics can be challenging. Student’s want to be well informed but feel uncomfortable asking questions or starting conversation with authority. However, with college students as hosts we run the risk of not being taken seriously.
Create a brand voice and identity that is reverend but casual. Apply this brand throughout social media in order to interact with listeners and give them the opportunity to ask questions but respect the hosts. Keep the expectations in the reality that even the hosts were capable of making mistakes.

Podcast Hosts: Marco Orellana & Ben Le Blanc

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Have any questions or want to discuss a certain topic contact us at: hopefullynotheresy@gmail.com

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