Branding, Art Direction, UI


Hipcamp was founded on the desire to make spending time outdoors more accessible and the belief that undeveloped land must be protected. Since then, Hipcamp has grown into one of the most comprehensive resources for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, tree-houses, and glamping.
Hipcamp’s current strategies in engaging their audience lacked the fun and drive one seeks from a camping trip, whether in a traditional tent or glamping. Their brand was missing the strength that is featured in their mission, land conservation.
Create a tagline that rejuvenates and allows Hipcamp to have the voice necessary to reach those seeking outdoor recreation. Highlight the brand’s unique selling point in being the only campsite booking service that strives for land conservation.

Team: Andres Meza, Jacob Hernandez, River Riego, Taylor Killgo Larson
Trademark: Andres Meza, Jacob Hernandez
Copy: Andres Meza, Jacob Hernandez
Advertising: Andres Meza, Jacob Hernandez, Taylor Killgo Larson
Social Media: Andres Meza, Jacob Hernandez, River Riego
Website: Andres Meza, River Riego

Original Trademark

Proposed Trademark + Icon

The Hipcamper Way

Avoid Responsibility, While Taking Responsibility

Our campaign encourages viewers to step away from responsibilities, spending time outdoors, while taking up the responsibility of conserving land. By placing the ads in urban areas, we are able to reach an audience who has a more difficult time making an escape to the outdoors.

Booking Your Trip

Our new website experience has been condensed, allowing us greater control of the viewers' experience with our brand. We have incorporated the brand’s unique selling point–the ability to take part in land conservation–throughout as a way to remind our campers of the important role they play in saving our planet!

What I Learned

The importance of determining your target audience. Our group had a challenging time creating a campaign concept due to not having a clear target audience. Once we solidified exactly who we would target our ideas began to come together to create our final execution.
Further Developement 

Follow the customer’s journey into the Hipcamp app. Condensing the app would allow campers to have greater ease to book and travel to campsites. The app can be used to push the campaign through an interactive feature that encourages more camping as a means to conserve private land.